# Episode Title/Guest(s) Recording Date Release Date Notes
01 The Journey Begins
02 Never Stop Digging
03 Blocks in Space
04 Don't be a Blockhead
05 Toasty Ghosty
06 Awesome!
07 Forward Momentum
08 In Search of Diamonds
09 The Road Ahead
10 MinecraftChick The very first guest on the show.
11 The Sky is Not the Limit
12 Off the Rails
13 A Very Merry Shaftmas
14 Luclin
15 PaulSoaresJr
16 Coe
17 Satori & Avidya
18 BitBurner
19 Packed to the Rafters
20 Wolv21
21 mmillss
22 C418 The music compose of Minecraft.
23 Yogscast The original duo of the Yogscast.
24 Miles
25 Three Times a MinecraftChick
26 Weekend of Minecraft
27 The Ream This special episode was about the new Mojang game called Scrolls.
28 ez She was Notch's then-fiancé.
29 Machinima Realm
30 WelshPixie

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